Some fun times...

Twas a good trip. Till next time.

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Greys and Torreys

Here are a few photos from a quick go up Greys and Torreys Peaks.  Two nice 14ers you can finish in a single day its only a short 8.5 mile hike.

That time Bleeding Heart Apparel Fell in Love with (Peru Part 1/2) #TBT

Cant forget all the fun in Peru.... Ausangate, Upis, Urubama, Cusco, Lima everywhere was amazing!

Some of the locally own shops in Urubamba.  Helping complete the beautiful Adobe Oven at Kaia! What a wonderful atmosphere! I miss it so...

Some picks from the approach hike to Ausangate...

Great thanks to everyone met alone the journey!!!

To have hot springs to look forward to at you campground after a long couple days of hiking is too good to describe in words.