Get Out and Enjoy yourself!

Its always a good time to go hit up some 14ers.  Democrat, Lincoln, Cameron Bross Loop its only 7.5 Mile round trip and you get to knock off 4 in one day! Keep yourself protected from the sun with our UPF 50+ Base layers.  They wick sweat away, wont fade, and look Great!  

P.S. sorry we've been slacking on posts lately!

Never forget to relax a little afterwards!!  See you out there!

Sorry for the lack of posts for 2016/17 season!!!

Holy Cow its been almost a year since I've given a post here!  Ill be sure to get some recap photos up for this last season soon, but don't forget to keep an eye on our Instagram @Bleeding_Heart_Apparel and Facebook too!!!! 

Thanks for all the love and support!!!! Keep all the fun custom orders coming!!!!

Winter just wont End!!!!

Its amazing, no matter how much we think summer time is here we just keep getting more snow.  Had about 6" fresh during this trip and I hear we are looking to get another 14" starting on Friday!!!!  And loving my new ski pants, inquire on the contact us page to get yourself a pair!

Another Wonderful Overnight at the Cabin!

Its always a great time to spend a night in the woods, whether summer or winter there's always a need to get out.... Plus its a great excuse to avoid the crowds on Presidents Weekend!

Getting ready to skin over to grab some beetle kill for wood tonight.  While wearing our new ski pants!! Coming soon to our website (although we are accepting orders if you inquire through the form currently).

The sunsets are always the best up here.  Never gets old!

Terrible photo. Sorry its so fuzzy, but I still like it!

Some wonderful friends made along the way.  As well as one of our Designers and Rep. Kyle happy in his Bamboo Vest regardless of the cold night!